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Marc3 Leadership Solutions specializes in organizational development, consulting and training in the areas of operations management, leadership, sales and strategic planning. In partnership with 360 Solutions, we offer a unique selection of customizable tools and resources that help create lasting change in virtually any type of business. We help the “boss” or person in charge of an organization make a smooth transition to “leader” by entrenching such principles as High Performance Leadership. Our methods are designed to empower all individuals in the work place to reach their fullest potential, on both a personal and professional level, through a continuous path of learning that includes in-house training, workshops, personalized coaching, assessments and online tutorials. It is this unique path that helps promote a learned habit of excellence, resulting in a proven increase in morale and productivity and ultimately, unprecedented growth and profitability.

At Marc3 Leadership Solutions we are committed to our client’s success and take pride in delivering great consulting and training solutions at reasonable prices. We don’t want organizational effectiveness to be out of reach for any organization large or small.

Meet Our CEO

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Ray Marcantoni


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I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. Working for others never really felt like a “fit”. Even when I was a teenager attending a military academy, I turned a profit by supplying fellow cadets with those “hard to get” items like articles of clothing and special foods. When I was old enough to work, I learned the construction industry. In the summers, I worked on construction sites and learned how to pour concrete, lay pipe and operate heavy machinery. In college, I worked in construction around my class schedule. My employer taught me how to run a construction business and I learned about estimating, sales, invoicing, running a crew and even, politics. When I was 23 years old, the business was on the verge of bankruptcy after two of the three owners died. It was then that I took my first risk as an entrepreneur – I negotiated deals, borrowed start-up capital and bought the company from my former employer. Within seven years, I turned my first business venture into a profitable enterprise with over 200 employees. I was a successful business leader at age 30.

After my success in the construction industry, I began to take business risks in other industries. I have since owned and operated over 20 different service-oriented businesses in industries such as equipment rental, staffing, asset protection, restaurant, lobbying, advertising, consulting and marketing. I achieved awards as well as both national and regional recognition for helping organizations exceed their short term and long term business goals and objectives.

No matter the industry, good or service, I stayed true to my passion in business – to serve, lead and empower others to realize their maximum potential as human beings, leaders and employees. This is precisely the reason I founded Marc3 Leadership Solutions and partnered with 360 Solutions. Through Marc3 Leadership Solutions, I am able to live my life with both passion and purpose. I am able to serve the business needs of other leaders and their employees by capitalizing on an individual’s unique God-given talent and viewing challenges as opportunities to grow and excel for the benefit of the organization as a whole. When I can be of service to others and help them achieve unprecedented success in their operations, I am inspired, energized and grateful.

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Ryan McShane, has been serving the Human Resources Profession for over 20 years and currently operates a consulting firm specializing in Human Resources, Leadership Development and Career Transitions Consulting.

Prior, to that Ryan worked in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, learning the various cultural norms, principles and practices of each sector and applying that learning to create High Performance Leaders and Organizations. Ryan is also the immediate past president for the largest Local SHRM Chapter in the state of Maryland, Chesapeake Human Resource Association (CHRA).

Ryan’s professional affiliations include serving on the Board of Chesapeake Human Resource Association (CHRA), Board member and Membership Director of Hunt Valley Business Forum, a founding member of Conscious Capitalism- Central Maryland, a Member of York, PA’s local SHRM chapter, a Member of UMBC’s Instructional Systems Development (ISD) Advisory Board, and a former Member of the Boomer Council, an advisory council focusing on civic engagement and mature workforce strategies.

Ryan is passionate about creating and leveraging practices and systems to enable both, individuals and organizations to achieve their highest potential. By promoting greater self-awareness and a conscious approach to workforce management, Ryan seeks to enable a stakeholder orientation, giving rise to equal consideration of People, Planet and Profit.